anxiety about replacing a patch

Blog Post created by MusicalHobbit on Sep 16, 2020

I'm feeling a bit anxious because i had to replace a patch today. i'm worried that there won't be enough in the box for my 4 weeks now.

My boyfriend's mom read me the directions, and when we got the patches from the chemist there were 2 boxes. his mom told me that the box said step 1 so both boxes were for step 1. i do hope she wasn't wrong.

if she was wrong i will be extremely pissed. because that means i have been doing the schedule incorrectly.

But at this point everything is kinda pissing me off so.

She is a smoker herself and she claims she's tried to quit but never used NRT so she may not know. i'm having to go by her word.

But I do not like doing things incorrectly. I'm a gal who follows directions to the letter, and i hate getting them incorrect or if someone misunderstands something when they're trying to read it to me.

Sorry for all my angry venting today friends. Hugs to all.