1 week complete!

Blog Post created by MusicalHobbit on Sep 13, 2020

Hey there friends,

Week 1 of the pat   ch is complete. i've done well with cravings. i've had extremely small ones but they quickly fade.

However, man am I serly today!

i have not been in a good mood all day, it started after breakfast. I do all my medications at breakfast and that usually fixes my morning crankitude before meds. Not this time.

I've been very snappish and annoyed all day, with practically everything. I don't like that because i'm normally pretty easy-going after meds.

I'm doing things i enjoy--watching something I like on telly, doing things on the computer but that's still not helping.

Things are irritating me more than usual, too.

It's that kind of annoyance where I'm not sure what will make it stop. Is this kind of irritation normal even on the patch? is this where symptoms peek or something?

Hugs to all.