how my week has been

Blog Post created by MusicalHobbit on Sep 10, 2020

hi friends,

My week on the patch as far as cravings has been very good. Had no cravings thank God.

These past couple days, however, i've had terrible bathroom trouble. or, lack of ability to use the loo.

The stomach pain was so intense yesterday from the constipation that I was crying. Pain almost never makes me cry. Also been feeling a bit nauseated, probably due to the constipation.

I took some medicine yesterday and the pain went away mostly overnight, but still sort of recovering. Stomach feels a bit sensative still and still a slight bit of pain. Does this happen even with the patch? as i do know constipation can be a physical symptom of withdrawal.

It's either that, or too much cheese and oat and honey bars for a snack. Or any combo of the three.

I just hope i start to feel better soon. I'm on the mend and feeling mostly ok, I can lie down now without having to switch positions every 15 seconds. lol grins. So that's something.

just accepting what I can get even if it's not fully feeling better right now. smiles

Hoping everyone's week has gone well.

Hugs to all.

Update: I am feeling a lot better now. stomach is finally back to normal and I slept through the night. so glad I am feeling better. i do not deal with physical ailments very well. Mostly due to how I grew up, but won't go into that that's another post if i decide to do it.   \