I got the patch!

Blog Post created by MusicalHobbit on Sep 5, 2020

hi guys,

Sorry I've not been around this past while. I've been struggling since my quit date. All that week I was struggling emotionally with the mental health issues i had been having. Admittedly I was still using the snus that week because of my emotional struggle. Although admittedly I kind of gave up for those few days.

This week I am doing a lot better emotionally because I've been paying much more attention to how i've been feeling plus an app has helped with my bpd issues. so i am continuing to use the app.

A few days ago I spoke to my psych and she ordered the patch for me. I got the box read to me so I know how the schedule works.

i put it on for the first time today and i feel a lot better. I haven't even wanted one. i don't have any anyhow but today when my boyfriend's mom went to the store he baught a can. But i didn't even want one even though he has some.

I am confident that this is gonna work. I think i can really quit this time.

I think it also helps that I feel a bit more even, too.

A question. Where are the best places to put the patch? Just so that I know it won't be accidentally disturbed like if i have it on my arm.

I just wanted to be    honest and also deliver the good news. i am proud of me.

Hugs to all.