extremely scared

Blog Post created by MusicalHobbit on Aug 22, 2020

since cutting back on the nicotine, and due to other events in my life, my mood has taken a crash.

i found this study that was very close to me. I will post the link here. This is why i am scared.

I've already been having these sorts of issues this past week, and they are worrying the people who care about me. 

Warning it is long, but I encourage you to read through it.

My psychiatrist still has not gotten back to me, and i hope she does on Monday. because maybe she can help.

I take a variety of psychiatric medications, and the last time we tried one of the recommended ones here in the study, my bipolar got even worse. To the point where i started acting not myself at all and it scared the hell out of my boyfriend.

I'm just scared.