The very hungry caterpillar! and other ramblings

Blog Post created by MusicalHobbit on Aug 19, 2020

i have noticed that the more i prepare for quit day and so the less nicotine i use, my appetite increases.

This is slightly annoying, because one of the medications i take, lithium, seems to ramp up my appetite, too. This is also a bit concerning as i suffered with some issues with food a few years ago so i wouldn't want my appetite increase to possibly cause any overeating issues, either.

I will be speaking to my psychiatrist about my sessation of nicotine at our next appointment, to see if she has any advice of some things that would be safe to use as quit aids that wouldn't conflict with my medications.

I guess now is the time to admit that just pure willpower won't do the trick. That isn't easy for me to admit to myself, as i want to believe that the power of my mind can get me through anything. I am a firm believer in meditation and the power of the mind, hypnosis and the like as well. Maybe some of that could work for me. But I guess I just need to be able to admit that just willpower and distractions may not be everything. That is probably why they have things like quit aids, because our brains are literally addicted.

In a way, I am sort of ashamed of all of this. I was quit for a solid year as I originally started using nicotine because of a now ex boyfriend getting me to try snus with he and his friends one day. i quit after leaving him, and managed to stay quit for a solid year. But then things got too stressfull at the house i was living at and i started again. i never thought i would. I was so mad at myself when i picked up that first tin after a year. i thought i would only buy one and that was it. nope.

Sorry I'm just rambling, but just wanted to write all this stuff out.

hugs to all.