Day 11

Blog Post created by Mon2 on Jan 5, 2018

I am doing well on this 11th day.  Sleeping a lot, not a lot to do at home anymore.  I have cleaned everything around me.  Cold outside, still having problems thinking about the cigarettes, however, learning to think positive about not smoking.  I lost a brother in December and his month is coming up on the 7th of January.  The sad part is I had lost another brother 10 months prior.  This is not an easy road for me, however it is a road that I must travel.  I must say Thomas, Ellen and several others has been very supportive in giving positive advise.  I look forward to visiting the site.  I do not get enough adult time at my age so this site is a joy.  I just read (I believe his name was Greg) he spoke of this site as a playground and that really brighten my day.  A great way to look at this, now I smile and say I am going to the playground.  I take away what I need and leave the rest.  A little down today, this to shall pass.  Enjoy your day and weekend stay warm.