Blog Post created by Mommamich on Apr 13, 2020

I haven't been on here in a very long time. I found it difficult to hold onto my quit reading about not smoking everyday. I have been free from cigs for over a year and a half now so maybe my two cents can help someone out there. I didn't count my days and I still don't.  In the beginning that was more stress for me. I basically took my quit hour by hour. When I felt more in control I went day by day. It is still a struggle at times but it's just day by day. Ultimately it is a choice, your choice. You can smoke or you can quit. It was hard to learn how to smoke and it will be hard to learn to quit. If you were a quitter you would be here now. In the beginning you choked, felt dizzy, got nauseated but you pushed through to become a smoker. Now you must want to be a non-smoker just as bad as you wanted to be a smoker. You will feel bad at times, your brain will lie and convince you how easy it is to go back but ultimately it is YOUR choice how you handle it. If you're on this site you made a choice for whatever your reasons were. Keep those reasons in front of your journey as the test will change, the journey will be long but your reasons are legitimate.  Good luck and stay the course, it does get better but it will be earned.