My New Revised Quit Day Went Well

Blog Post created by Mommamich on Sep 4, 2018

OK, so after my stupid butt mistake yesterday I changed my quit date to today.  Luckily I am doing very well and am so glad I didn't actually smoke and have to start this journey all over again.  I stayed very busy today as suggested by many last week.  Another thing that seemed to help was making signs and putting them in my most vulnerable places in the house.  NOPE is at the patio door as those that read my reason for a new quit date will understand.  I also have different ones on the pantry and fridge to remind me that I don't need to keep feeding my face every time I turn around.  Luckily I started a strict diet and exercise program 2 months before my quit date and lost 20 pounds so I can afford to add a few back.  My treadmill is my lifeline.  I get on that thing and walk every time I feel overwhelmed.  I do my running in the morning so I don't need to smoke at that time.  It's all about a habit.  Have been running on the treadmill each morning for over 2 months so that habit has set in.  I really do feel that I can do it this time and will hopefully feel better as time goes on.  I am still angry most of the time but can laugh at myself as well.  I keep telling myself that I had to train my body to accept smoking.  It took some time before I quit coughing, feeling dizzy, feeling nauseous. Finally my body said fine.....keep giving me this crap and not heading my warning I will accept it gladly.  Yep I was the cool one.  Now I am trying to reverse that and my body just wants to make sure I understand it was right in the first place so I need to go through the routine to reverse it.  Not feeling so cool now, that's for sure.