Almost blew it

Blog Post created by Mommamich on Sep 3, 2018

As mentioned today has been tough.  Not sure if this will constitute a change to my quit date but will be honest and explain what happened.  Was working on my chore list and one of those was to clean out the back patio.  I have left this one alone for awhile because this is where I did my smoking.  So I'm cleaning away and came across a forgotten pack of smokes.  Holy Cow.....I put that bad boy in my mouth, and lit the other end.  Spit it out as if it were a stick of dynamite. I doused it with my bottle of water and ran in the house like a scared child.  My cats really thought I had lost it.  Luckily my husband wasn't home to witness this.  I sat down and told myself to breath in, breath out.  Well I did this until I literally began to hyper-ventilate.  This made me start laughing at just how stupid all this was.  As I lay on my living room floor laughing I realized how really addictive this crap is.  Never would I have smoked a cigarette that had been laying around for who knows how long.  If this means I must change my date, well so be it.  Lesson learned but what a great one at that.