Day 5

Blog Post created by Mommamich on Sep 2, 2018

Hello All,

Today has been the worst so far.  I almost cheated but convinced myself to keep going.  The vertigo comes and goes but isn't as bad as day 3.  Thankful for that.  My husband and I are cleaning the garage and honestly it is stressful to work with him.  He won't get rid of anything and there is always an argument.  Just trying to walk it off and remain focused on the task and not the constant bickering.  He has never smoked and doesn't understand the issues that come with quitting.  He hates that I smoked but is of no support now that I am quitting.  I have explained that I may get a bit cranky at times and I apologize in advance.  His comment is that I have no right to take my weakness out on him.  Perhaps he is correct but I don't know how to hold all this in yet.  Before I would get frustrated or irritated and I would go smoke instead of tell him, or anyone, how I felt.....I can't do that now and it seems to just come out of my mouth before my brain engages.  


I'm sure this too will change soon and hopefully before I tick EVERYONE off for my honestly. LOL