Honesty and Cost

Blog Post created by MoeUnfiltered on Feb 26, 2018

Dear Ex family,

its 1665 days here

My life is better and better since I quit.I used to smoke 3.5 packs a day and then found Ex

I stayed quit for 2 years 2010-2012 then I missed the other Exers and found my way back.


A friend told me to quit school -college- this college-the class everything to be safe

but it has meant and does mean the world to me

.He may be correct.Another kid lied about me completely

to the Professor.I think the guy needs help and he trusted me with a lot of details about his life

and seemed to be suffering a lot,But he lied,I have proof he lied.

If school is a place I have to nail someone to the wall to get ahead it turns my stomach then.

I think the guy needs help.


I have gotten as far as I have been alive another day because of quitting smoking.

I will do my best today.

If you fall and pick up another cigarette come back here....connect to these people.

Ex is a good place,

nicotine takes and takes....

If you pray please pray for that other student, "the artist" that he finds courage to do the right thing

and tell the truth.


Moe Unfiltered 8/6/13