Every ounce of quit matters

Blog Post created by MoeUnfiltered on Aug 2, 2017

Dear Ex Family,

Its been a while...I feel like the prodigal blogger.

I had a conversation today and walked down memory lane a bit.

I have had some friends pass while on my quit journey.

My closest pal in the northeast -Casey. 

She is not the only one.

It has been months now...many months since she is gone.

She passed in a hospice with grace that I do not know I would have.

I was with her.She had been a smoker and passed from lung cancer.

Before that she ate from a tube for three years.She had been closer

than a friend in the childhood sandbox.

I miss her,we understood each other and "saw" each other.We laughed a lot too.

Perhaps you are someone's sandbox friend.

Keep the quit...each day you stay quit matters...coming back matters..


thank you Ex family for every ounce of quit you share


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