Thank You Excommunity!

Blog Post created by Miss_Brown on Nov 24, 2018

You guys!! I have celebrated 1 year smoke free last month. I am 50 lbs heavier so it may be time to find a weight loss support group now!   But seriously, I want to thank excommunity for truly helping me along. I don’t know that I would have been able to do it without this place. The encouragement was priceless and it got me through some rough days. 

Like many, I have tried to quit before. I was successful when I became pregnant. Of course I picked them back up as my son turns 6 months (that never made sense to me). At any rate, my point is that the one thing that I had this time, which I did not have those other times is excommunity. I am very independent so a support haven is something that was for other folks. I’ve done most things on my own anyway but that hasn’t worked out for me in terms of quitting smoking. 

I was researching the best way to quit because I thought perhaps I have been doing it wrong all along. Did I wean too fast? Should I ditch the vape? During my research, I came across excommunity. I spent hours scrolling through people’s experiences and I realized that everyone’s journey is different. And Honestly, I was quite shocked that there were so many who had a similar story to mine. In 2018, I felt like I was one of the only people in the country that still smoked. This wasn’t the case. having a place to come 24 hours a day for support and a team to keep me accountable is something worth trying. And it was a game changer. 

To those who are weary and jaded, don’t give up. Just when you think it’s never going to happen, is when a breakthrough is due. The support here at excommunity can be your backbone as it was mine. You can do it. Look at all the things you’ve endured to this point.