First Test - Pass!

Blog Post created by MisFitz on Sep 1, 2017

So last night I had my first test of my non-smoking week.  I was at a women in business networking event that provided free drinks.  This is normally something I am all over.  The only thing better than a refreshing cocktail is a free cocktail! However, I opted for water instead.  I am still on shaky ground and didn't think that even one glass of wine was a good idea.  A few people even asked me to head outside with them after one of the speakers had wrapped up.  I told them NO...that I was no longer a smoker.  I would like to say that I felt good about that at the time.  But I didn't. I really wanted to be a smoker with them right at that moment.  Waking up this morning I did feel a little better about it.  But still not quite as happy as I would like to be.  Oh well....one day at a time....one battle at a time.  Some day I will be really happy about all this!

Hopefully I will be feeling better about everything soon because I have a couple bottles of wine that I purchased in Madrid when I was there over the summer that I have been dying to crack open.