Observations on Day 12 of Freedom

Blog Post created by Mindfullydone on Jan 19, 2020

At 12 days in on my journey, I know I've barely begun but I'm still amazed at the pace of change so I thought I'd write it down. 

1. So far, quitting hasn't been nearly as terrible as I had always imagined it to be. NRT helps a bunch but I had really built up in my mind that quitting was a 24/7 hellscape of cravings and withdrawal. I'm happy I'm wrong.

2. Acceptance is the key. I'm really working on acceptance that I no longer smoke. Those moments when I do achieve it, I feel a lot more at ease with the process.

3. The body is an amazing healer. Checked my blood pressure and pulse on day 10 and my pulse had dropped about 20 beats per minute from average before. Blood Pressure down about 10 from before. Wow.

4. Getting your sense of smell back is like suddenly acquiring a super power. I'm calling myself Basset Hound Woman, my back story is that I was bitten by a radioactive Basset Hound. I now sniff out crime in Gotham. I trap bad guys by slinging webs of dog drool and then waddle back to the hound cave to sleep on the couch. I really hate catwoman. 

5. Discovering the ex community has be one of the greatest gifts of quitting. Like my hero Mr. Rogers says, "When you are scared, look at all the helpers". Your encouragement, wisdom, strength and hope have helped me in so many ways, thank you.