The Differences

Blog Post created by MindaLee on Dec 1, 2019

It’s amazing how much the mood changes during smoking cessation. Yesterday wasn’t too bad, felt tired a lot. Today, I’m still tired but I can feel the frown on my face. I feel a little more foggy today.  I know I should try and workout but I’ll get my workout a bit differently today by doing our monthly shopping at Costco.  I’m also currently doing laundry and have read a few articles here on Ex. I also did that focus exercise about focusing on different things around you instead of your cravings.  Even last night my daughter asked why I looked so mad. I told her I was quitting vaping. Probably why she asked to spend the night at a friends house.


Right now it’s just me and my doggo at home. He doesn’t leave my side. Really digging it right now.