It is hard.

Blog Post created by Mike.n.Atlanta on May 26, 2020

You think it’s hard to keep saying no day after day, battling that urge that wants you to pull in for a pack or saying no to lighting up the one you kept around for just in case. You think it’s hard getting through the first three days & then having to navigate “No Mans Land”.

You know what’s hard? Feeling your tears & seeing those of your family & friends as a loved one goes into the ground. Dead because they wanted to quit but they just didn’t think they could do it. Dead because their smoking held more importance in their lives. Dead because “what’s the use”, because COPD is chronic & ya gotta die of something. Dead because their fear of quitting & the unknown was greater than the fear of living their lives without being able to take a useful breath, without being able to watch their grandchildren grow up, without being able to grow old with your spouse.

I’m just gonna leave it at that.