Day 18

Blog Post created by Miglets on May 26, 2018

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted, thanks everyone for the warm and kind encouragement I’ve received, it really does make a difference knowing you are not alone on the journey.  The good news is I’m still quit! And actually there is no bad news, yes I still get the odd craving but I distract my self and it’s gone.  I have a lot more energy and am feeling much more healthy, in fact I have so much energy that I don’t know what to do with my self a lot of the time.  I try to keep busy but I find that I have less patience for sitting for more than an hour or two.  I’ve been breaking things up with walks and errands and that helps but I hope that soon I will feel more chill and relaxed.


i will be visiting my niece in Mexico in a couple weeks and she is a smoker, I’m a little worried about how that will be, we used to enjoy smoking and drinking together.  I’m working on some tricks but if anyone has a great suggestion I would love to hear it.  


All in all I'm amazed how much easier it is than I thought.  I think getting off nicotine and quickly as possible made it easier this time.  Thanks again to all that have encouraged me, it’s appreciated!