Day six and all is well

Blog Post created by Miglets on May 14, 2018

Okay, I still get urges and they can feel pretty strong for a minute or two but then it’s gone and I’m not thinking about it.  I am taking it a $ay at a time still and celebrating every day that I put under my belt as an ex smoker.  I’m staring to feel the benefits of quitting as well, I can smell 5hings more acutely and my breathing is clearer, less congested.  I’ve been keeping active biking and walking a lot and I feel strong. It’s nice not smelling that horrible stink of smoke on me and not having to worry if I’m going to run out or when I can sneak in a smoke between meetings and traveling.  I was at a family reunion and some of them smoke, it tried to stay a way as much as possible while they were doing it and I was really proud of myself that I resisted.  


Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement it has really helped!  Let me know if I can help in turn.