It Will Be Okay

Blog Post created by MichelleDiane on May 9, 2018

Came here to write my thoughts down.  It's so beautiful outside right now, but there feels like there is a storm brewing inside.  I can't seem to find a place for myself today.  Restless and antsy.  I have been bouncing from one thing to the next without finishing anything.  Not typical for me.  I don't feel an urge or a crave.  It's just a thought, but I suppose it's enough of a thought to make me uncomfortable.  For some reason it's hard to even read my 12 step book, which is odd because I've been doing reading everyday and getting a lot out of it.  Not so much today.  Well, those are my thoughts for now.  I think I will give the outdoors another try.  I know it will be okay.