Amazing That Success Comes From Failure

Blog Post created by MichelleDiane on Apr 20, 2018

What an interesting morning.  I went about my business as usual noticing that I was able to drink two cups of coffee.  That's interesting because I have mentioned previously that mornings are hard and I usually don't get through one cup because I feel an urge to smoke.  But, alas, not this morning.  It may not happen tomorrow or it may, but I'm in the day.  Then I was getting ready for work.  I didn't feel right.  I have spells of fatigue that come once in a while.  It's a dangerous fatigue as I could be driving and want to close my eyes (it's not narcolepsy...been tested) I have to fight like crazy to keep them open.  After I got dressed I felt this fatigue and decided to reschedule my clients.  It was quiet in my house as everyone was gone for the day.  So, I took a nap.  It felt great.  Now to the success (although I consider the morning coffee a success also).  I got up from a one hour nap and remembered that I did not get sandwich meat for the family when I went shopping yesterday, so I got in my car (and yes my eyes were open) and drove to the grocery store.  As I was leaving I looked at some lottery machines.  I rarely get the scratch offs, but decided to get two $1.00 tickets.  Hey, I won.  Not money, but a Take 5 for free.  Wait for it.....I then was thinking about how I was going to get the ticket.  Well, I drove right to 7/11 and handed my scratch off in and got my numbers.  That's it!   For those of you remember my previous interrupted journey earlier this year, I was very scared of passing a 7/11 or getting gas.  But the success that came from my failure was that I can and will go about my business and not be scared because I can do it.  I really didn't think twice.  I was passing this 7/11 anyway and I just remembered I have a choice in this matter.  My choice was to get my Take 5 ticket.  And that's all there is to that.