It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Blog Post created by MichelleDiane on Apr 17, 2018

As I begin my second day of freedom I am becoming more aware of the benefits of not smoking.  Everything from my prior quit attempt is coming back to me now.  Not having to have a cigarette after my coffee.  Not smelling of smoke.  Not coughing or trying to stop coughing so I can inhale everything except the oxygen I need, not having to rush about my morning to make sure I have that last fix before I go to work, kissing my husband on the mouth instead of the  cheek because I don't want him to smell the smoke on my breath, and so many more.  As I moved further in my journey during the almost three months of freedom I recognized and appreciated all that I gained.  But, I can't go back.  I can only move ahead and use all of the wonderments I mentioned above and more to make this my forever quit.  A couple of rough moments, but that was all they were.  My life was not in danger because I had a sudden urge or thought.  My life was actually lengthened because I didn't smoke.  I am happy to be back and blogging again.  I am happy to be back and communicating with everyone in the community.  And I am just happy.  Thanks.