Blog Post created by MichelleDiane on Mar 2, 2018

I just got home from work and finally had an epiphany.  It's brutal here in New York today.  Snow, rain, sleet, and still waiting for the package to be complete with hail.  The wind is blowing like crazy.  Trees down on the parkway.  I'm glad to be home and am praying for everyone to be safe.  Earlier in my quit I was given words of wisdom that have helped me to this day.  One of the thought patterns suggested was to pity the person who is smoking.  I finally understand that as it was a little hard for me to go there.  As I made my way home I realized that I would not be standing in the freezing rain smoking a cigarette, but there would be others who are.  That's when I finally understood what the word meant.  I am free from that, but there are others still prisoners to smoking.  I do pity them.  Not because I am better than them because I am not.  Rather, I feel badly because they are not free.  The further away I get from smoking the closer I come to being joyous, happy, and free.