Turn It Around

Blog Post created by MichelleDiane on Feb 27, 2018

Well, I have said it so many times that you all know what I am about to say again.  Mornings are the most difficult time of day.  It stinks.  I still am trying to figure it out, but I came up with a thought as I was driving my husband to the train station.  Instead of the thought process of "just one puff" how about "let's see when I don't think about smoking anymore".  There really is no contest in that I know one puff will lead to smoking again.  There is no way that I can just have one.  However, there is a way that I can go one more day without smoking.  The goal here is to be smoke free, so if I keep "not smoking" I will win because I am hopeful that there will come a morning that I just jump out of bed without being tormented by that "smoking monster".  Just trying to rid myself of my thoughts this morning.  Thanks for listening.  I plan on another smoke free day.