What Do Non-Smokers Do?

Blog Post created by MichelleDiane on Jan 31, 2018

After I dropped my daughter off at work I decided to go to a store in the mall.  As I was walking to the store I started thinking about how cool the air was and how I was purposefully going somewhere.  I am a crafter and am looking to organize my craft station, so I wanted to browse through The Container Store.  At first I wasn't sure what the feeling was, but I know I was noticing all of the people coming and going.  I was also aware that no one was smoking.  Earlier I had gone grocery shopping and a man was standing in the parking lot with a full cigarette in his hand.  The smoke curled up in the air and I wanted to be as far away from him as possible.  But not at the mall.  I found myself alive with the other patrons.  My thoughts did not go towards cigarettes.  Rather, I was wondering what these people did instead of smoking.  Now I know that there may have been some people in the crowd that did smoke, but not in sight to where I was.  I started to wonder about the times in my life when I wasn't smoking.  Although it has been some time (over 30 years), I do recall times when I was happy running around in barefoot outside during the summer, watching movies with my friends (Rocky was the best), going on trips with my parents, and some more.  I didn't smoke then.  I hope that the day comes when I, too, just go about my day without the thought of a cigarette on my mind.  I want to stay being a non-smoker.