Lungs are Clear

Blog Post created by MichelleDiane on Jan 30, 2018

Good morning to all.  I am usually do my blog earlier in the morning, but was at the doctor.  I really felt bad yesterday and left work early.  This morning wasn't much better and did not go into work.  I decided with all this "flu" going around I had better check it out.  I was so happy when the doctor told me that I tested negative for the flu.  Not only that, but she said, "Your lungs are clear."  That was music to my slightly red ears (no medication required).  I feel a weight lifted not only because I don't have the flu, but that my lungs sound good.  Usually any illness meant Bronchitis.  I do have to say that addiction is sick.  Could you imagine using an inhaler just to be able to smoke.  I am embarrassed to say that, but it's true.  You can't get much sicker than that (although I am sure there are other sick stories).  Today will be 30 days of being smoke free.  I am amazed that even with urges and cravings I have been able to stick to my quit.  Maybe I need to put, "Lungs are clear" in my toolbox as a constant reminder of the extremely positive and rewarding benefits of not smoking.  My lungs are thanking me.