Job Interview

Blog Post created by Metalhead1998 on Aug 11, 2020

Hey guys I am now 10 days in and a little nervous for an interview I have scheduled for tomorrow. I am interviewing to become a physical therapist assistant. This opportunity fell into my lap after I had emailed a couple offices hoping to observe a Physical Therapist. This office actually offered me an interview and said it was normal for P.T. assistants to lack experience. They didn't respond for about a week when I gave them my availability but sprung it on me that they would like to have one tomorrow. I have been researching their history and edited my resume today. I feel under-qualified and nervous/anxious. Any advice I am kind of stressing out. I am hanging out with my lady friend tonight, but I have to be up early drive 30 minutes home and prepare myself for the 2pm interview. Any thoughts/advice?