Here we are again, whats different

Blog Post created by Metalhead1998 on Aug 7, 2020

Hi Ex community, 

Today marks about a week into my second "serious quit" with the help of this website. I have reset my quit plan and my mindset with a new focus. So here we go again, a week is a milestone I have reached I want to say a handful of times in the last year (only been smoking a year this august). The first couple times I was in school, my senior year of college, and the pressure of school made it seem like quitting was impossible. I would smoke vapes to start which progressed to cigarettes, since I live in NJ and the governor put a ban on vapes. I was never the biggest fan of cigarettes, and a couple weeks ago I smoked some for the first time in months. It was one night at a bar with friends that heavily smoke cigarettes and the next day I left my half pack at my friends house and have not craved them at all, being that thats not really what I am addicted to.


Anyway, on day 6 of my current attempt I feel really good. I have not really been craving as much as my other attempts and I might even start just doing blog posts to hold myself more accountable. I am also trying to lose about 20-30 pounds. I have been tracking my calorie intake, running, and I even invested in a protein shake that suppresses hunger and can be used as a meal replacement. I exercised 6 days in a row before I lost power in NJ, that threw me off for a couple days but I am at 205 ish lb from 210lb. It is still early into both of my goals of smoking cessation and fitness but I like where I am at a week in. I feel like losing power on my 4th day of not smoking was a curveball I handled well sometimes I would think about getting a vape but then I was thinking it wasn't really even a craving as much as it was boredom. 


-Thanks for listening 

Nick aka Metalhead1998