My Reasons for Quitting

Blog Post created by Melrmontez on Feb 10, 2020

● I am only promised today

● I don't want anyone to have to care for me from an illness that was preventable 

● I want to smell fresh and clean

● I want healthy skin

● I want to exercise again without getting winded easily

● I want pretty white teeth and healthy gums

● I want fresh breath

● I want to stop this pattern of smoking related deaths in my family (5 + 2 at risk)

● I want to use my time in a constructive manner

● I want to use the money saved to go on vacation 

● I want to make myself proud and love myself enough to stop the self destructive addiction 

● I want to make my mother proud 

● I want to make my husband proud

● I want to dance in the rain instead of trying to smoke in it like a crazy women

● I want to get cozy by the fireplace with hot cocoa in winter rather than sneaking outside and freezing my butt off for a cigarette 

● I want to be the healthy nonsmoker my dogs think I am

● I want to be able to help others that come after me, that it can be done