Very interesting day to say the least

Blog Post created by MelodyEve on Aug 25, 2018

At around the time I was suppose to go to the cookout, I was forgotten. I had filled out a slip last month and clicked yes on the question "will you need a ride"...........I was really looking forward to getting out and enjoying the day. Someone finally did come back and get me. It was at a church but no one was smoking on the church grounds and if they were I didn't pay attention. I was to busy talking and enjoying the time out. When it was time to go home I got a ride home with a fellow member from my AA in the car, and started going when he decided to light up..........I was very proud of myself all the way around......I didn't get nervous and start hollering that he couldn't smoke around me. It was his car and he could do what he wanted in there. I could smell the cigarette and at first it did smell slightly good......I didn't feel like I was missing something and I didn't feel like I needed to lean on it for a crutch. I didn't have any mood changes because of being around cigarettes and smoke. I thanked him for the ride home and I came inside and smiled because I still had my quit and I wasn't tempted. I have come to realize that I can be anywhere in this world if I have a valid reason and I still don't have to smoke......N.....M......W