5 days today!

Blog Post created by MelodyEve on Aug 25, 2018

So much to share but I will start off with....NO MORE HOARSENESS!....OMG it feels good to get up and be able to talk again and be able to sing baby lullaby songs.......Was so worried about the damage that cigarettes had done to my throat and its nearly cleared up. I can also dream and remember them now. I missed dreaming so much. I'm not coughing up any of that thick clear gel with tar spots in it. Although my teeth and gums are ruined, they don't bleed anymore when I brush them. I used to have to brush at least 3 times just to get rid of the bad breath smell. NEVER again will I put another cigarette in my hand NEVER. Once a month an organization comes to the complex here and delivers lunch, but twice a year they have a cookout. Last month and this month are the months for the cookouts so I will be going to a cookout today and I have my quit box ready full of goodies to take with me. Thank you everyone for being such a big part of my quit journey and for allowing me to be a part of yours.