I started my quit 2 days early

Blog Post created by MelodyEve on Jul 4, 2018

I am in my 2nd day of my quit. My original quit day was dated for today but will change that and sync it. 2 days ago I was down to 6 smokes left and I didn't want to buy more so I started my quit on the 2nd of July. Before I started my journey I was looking at my smoking in a whole different way as well as my recovery process from nicotine. I have spent many hours reading others materials and going to suggested websites in order to get myself ready for this. The 2 main things that I keep running thru my mind is not to bemoan my quit and not to fear it or fear failure. Fear has been a big factor in my failures before but I don't feel fear this time. Whether my patches are less potent or just placebo at this point did not matter when I decided to put one on to help me thru the withdrawals. Little skin irritation but they are helping. Yesterday I got up and said some prayers, went made my coffee, and told myself I was not going to sleep thru the trials. I use to sleep all day and night just to get thru the cravings. Not this time. I will face them, know them and embrace them and move on. I ate my cinnamon candy, cooked, cleaned a little (lol), meditated, and recited the serenity prayer every few seconds it seems. The obsession was unreal. Every few seconds my mind would say its time to smoke. I feel like I no longer in bondage, that today It will be a choice thing if I decide to take that first smoke. Oh!, Its not that 2nd or 3rd smoke that gets me. Its the 1st one! So with all that said and much more on my mind (lol) thank you all for being here and letting me be a part of your lives and you a part of mine