Happy Thursday

Blog Post created by Melissapowell on May 31, 2018

My youngest daughter who is 19 stayed the night with me last night.( she’s out of college for the summer). Since I’m newly separated I get real anxious at night and want to smoke. When either of my kids stays with me I feel so much better. The loneliness at night just gets to me so badly. I’ve mentioned I’ve had a bunch of surgeries and am slowly healing finally. I’ll be back ar work soon. This also makes me anxious. I know smoking doesn’t make me less anxious—- but for years and years I smoked when anxious. I’ve quit in the recent past but actually got hooked on replacement therapies. I’m on day 48 cold turkey. I quit the day after my husband moved out. My plastic surgeon as I mentioned made me quit cold turkey. I really had no choice. But I’ve gotten so far I don’t want to start over. Just like with drugs and alcohol ( 8 years 8 months clean as I’ve shared before). ❤️