Blog Post created by Melissapowell on May 29, 2018

I have an anxiety disorder. I recently separated from my husband and am now alone. Night time is the worst. This is when I want to smoke so badly. It’s just me and my kitties now. My kids are grown now. I’m 45 years old and like I’ve mentioned before I am 8 years 8 months CLEAN from drugs/alcohol. My life has been turned upside down the last 3 months. The reason I’m on here is because I had 4 knee surgeries. I just would not heal. Finally a plastic surgeon had to help me. He told me I had no choice but to quit smoking/have no nicotine or he would not fix me. I honestly almost got another opinion because I didn’t want to quit smoking. My Sponsor talked me into quitting and keeping the plastic surgeon my orthopedic doc referred me to. I hated this doctor at first. Not only did I hate him because he made me quit smoking I felt inadequate because he knew I was a recovering addict ( he gave me a couple lectures on the opioid crisis). I just so badly want to be successful with this whole quitting smoking thing. It’s just so hard.