Once an ex always an ex!

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Oct 14, 2017

Hey my ex family! I'm back! Sorry I got comfortable with alot of you guys being on my fb and completely neglected the site. Boy has life been a world wind! I've been quitting over and over as usual until one day I said screw this! I didn't think of the day I didn't care I just quit! I texted a few friends (thats the only way I knew how many day it had been) and I lived without it. I didn't worry about craves I stayed busy I QUIT! Today make 8 days and I'm not looking back. Every so often I'd vape (I know I know but it's working) or use a gum while at school but thats it. This rollercoaster is over (How many times I've said that) but this time you'll see heck I'll see! I miss each and every one of you rooting me on. Holding my hand even being there for non quit related situations well I'm back because once an ex always an ex and I will never quit quitting this quit is it!