Date change

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Jun 13, 2017

Well I had my last one and really don't want to buy another pack. I NEED to quit. My head has been hurting constantly for the past 5 days or more no matter what I take it does not stop at all I'm convinced it's from smoking so much. This is not a life I want to continue to live. I've found where the crack in the door is and I know this may sound really crazy but I still consider them a friend when all else fails and when everyone turn their back on me they are still there. That is my truth though I have plenty of knowledge and know otherwise I'm still dependent on them to "be there" I'm losing my closest friend and don't know how to accept it. The other girl was no big deal but this one is like my sister we took baths together when we were younger she was there for me when my mom turned her back on me. I haven't confronted her about the changes in our friendship I really don't know how. She don't motivate me like she used to and there's fault in all I do. For example I like colorful phone cases she said that was childish so when I got my new phone I got a black and gold simple one (not for her it match my phone) nevertheless I showed it to her and it was "ugly" I told her I'm glad I don't live to please you but it still hurt my feelings. This girl was my motivator she helped me face all my fears to get to where I am now. I used to be afraid to drive out of town she pushed me to do it with her in the passenger side making sure I was ok. Now it's different. 

My new date is tomorrow. I'm still preparing but I really don't want to buy anymore. Well I'm rambling lol ttyl!