6 more days

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Jun 12, 2017

Hey all! I miss you dearly! Good news I've set my quit date and preparing as we speak I'm treating it brand new. Tracking, Developing a NRT plan, Making a quit kit. I bought teas, dum dum pops, and other hard candies. I'm about to start on easy way again and actually finish it this time. June 18th is my quit date but I'm cutting down more and more each day. Also I found a professional treadmill for 80 bucks so yep I'm replacing smoking with a good ole work out! I'm excited! I don't want to stink anymore I'm going to be free! June 18th was the day my husband took his life away and it's going to be the day I take mine back in honor of him. This is a tough month for me and the memories of him are still fresh even after 2 years but that won't be an excuse it's a motivation for me to PUSH!