In tact and a little rant story

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on May 16, 2017

Ohhh where do I start!? Good news is my quit is still in tact after such a hectic weekend/week! No one could make me quit on my quit but me and I yell from the mountain top NOPE! 

Saturday I helped a friend her car broke down and I went to give her a jump off but that wasn't the problem so after driving her all around town. We landed at a little party her mom was there with a few other people it was a fun time I even met a guy (just a few months ago I quit on dating remember?) Lol well heck im young so I decided to test the water real slow but first I asked her about him told her I was interested and she said go for it so I did and we hit it off instantly we danced, walked, talked and just had a overall good time. Even his mom fell in love with me and gave me the ok and was impressed that he actually accepted the gesture. (What can I say im a petite little lovable person) fast forward...Sunday morning I get a call from this "said friend" saying that his mom felt disrespected and I came on too strong to him and I got a good lashing from this friend my first thought was to talk to his mom for myself and apologize if needed because I couldnt remember anything I couldve done that was that bad. So the mom had a mother's day party and I came and brought my mom and we had a blast no one was expecting the guy to come (but me) because it was a mothers day surprise for his mom. So when I got there I took her for a walk and apologized and she said she had no problem with me and didnt have a clue. So the party went on he showed up we went for a walk and talk and came back standing up talking. My friend walked up to me and him and blew all the way up they had to literally carry her out. Now THAT was disrespect but the party went on eventually we made up or at least I thought until today...yep she's back at it. Calling and texting me nasty things. She doesnt know that his mom, my mom, he and I had a good long talk after everyone left and the truth is she called his mom Sunday morning lying on me! Then called me like his mom called her!  She tried to turn her against me to keep me away from the guy but it didn't work thus causing the blow up. I have never experienced this level of jealousy. She had been going to this lady's house for a long time thats why I asked her before I made a move because maybe she liked him. Truth is, he never was interested in her so I guess she gave me the ok because she thought I'd get the same results. I just hate that things are going sour as for our friendship behind this guy.