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Blog Post created by MePlus3 on May 7, 2017

Hello everyone I hope you beautiful smoke free folks are having a wonderful peaceful Sunday. Coming here remind me of the joys of quitting just reading your blogs let me know im not alone even during the tough times we are all TOGETHER through the good and the bad and I couldnt be more thankful! I see alot of newbies coming in, we have all been exactly where you are now lost, nervous, worried about losing a thing we've done for most of our lives because we know that its slowly taking our lives! We are no different there is no "secret weapon" or a strength stronger than the next or a person with more "willpower" we are all addicts! There is a recipe that Jackie hit head on in one of her blogs I can remember the title. We have to be determined made up in our mind that its done no matter what. If we have to cry so be it but never ever look back again. Dont be afraid I know thats easier said than done but the victory is so worth it and the quit is very doable! Put your mind to it your body will thank you!