Day 18

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on May 4, 2017

Whoo hoo 17 DOF behind me! Its been a while since I blogged but I haven't missed a day of EX! I pledge every morning and sometimes hop on the train if I have time most of all I love playing on the playground with my friends! My favorite is sitting in the sandbox making sandcastles and relaxing under the sun. Sometimes I'd swing and breath in the fresh air around me. I absolutely love my freedom and will NEF forget how hard it was to get it back when I let it go that time. Ive definitely learned my lesson im not looking back unless its to remind myself that it's a place I never want to go again! Sure enough the bully taunts me sometimes but I know down in my heart now that my quit is solid! Smoking is just a memory now the hair pulling crave days are behind me. I do alot of positive self talking and it really helps. I had the roughest time today with the kids buses and school and trying to adjust to a new schedule for myself going to school and getting them to school and to my mom's smoothly its a hassle but a challenge I find pride in because im getting through it smokefree. I remember when I would chain smoke through the whole thing as if it had all the answers or made everything easier NOW I can breath and think and press my way without the crutch! Im proud and never ever letting go again EVER! Sorry for rambling but my joy is spilling over lol I pray everyone is having a great day! Its cold, dark, and rainy here I literally hate this kind of weather because it drag my energy and mood to the lowest point that's something ive been having no success in fighting against but I will NOT absolutely NOT smoke or anything that look like smoking as our friend pops says NOPE!