Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Apr 28, 2017

TGIF Everyone! just dropping in to say Hello! I unconsciously ran out of gum and you all know my financial stand still as of now and yep nico took that opportunity to pounce but I do have a little cash so I'll go buy a small pack until my order come in from quitnow. SINAO! I remember a time where I was afraid of pledging because I didn't want to let anyone down if I was to have smoked that day NOW that is my strength I pledge every morning and remember the hands I'm holding I will not let go no matter what! I remember saying it was a jinx everytime I pledged I relapsed now I see how stupid that sounded we all have a choice and I choose NOPE! I love the term "And counting" at the end of my days of freedom that means my freedom is ongoing! So here I am 11 DOF and COUNTING :-) Have a fantastic day my beautiful ex family and friends!