Good morning

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Apr 19, 2017

I just had a crave early this morning scared the crap out of me but then I remembered I AM FREE from that and I began to sing a song and thank God for being free and delivered! I began to sing "a wonderful change (has come over me)" not sure who the original artist is but it is a beautiful song to keep in my heart because freedom is indeed a wonderful change! Its not a battle unless you MAKE it one but embracing the good life you're getting out of it would shut nico right up. So stick out the thoughts, craves, urges or whatever nico decide to try because he is not bigger than our freedom! He is not bigger than getting to know the person we've suppressed in smoke for so many years that person inside of us is actually strong and beautiful once we get to know it lol I read an old blog I forgot who it was by or even the title (go figure) but it shined a light I'm may be addicted to nicotined but I've come to realized it's also possible that I'm addicted to smoking yep the nasty stinking tar taste the hand and mouth motion but now I'm free from that my body yearns the "burn" sometimes but "it's ok to want" like my mom always used to say when we wanted things we couldn't have. Wanting never killed me but i know smoking will so I'm embracing my freedom! Have a happy hump day!