Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Apr 13, 2017

I came close but didn't go there! I texted my mom and she sent me this picture of a frog and said he lost all his teeth to smoking and that how I'm going to look if I don't pull it together lol I told her frogs don't have teeth she said that's because they smoked and messed up their gums so they couldn't develop any! She also bought us all (I have 2 younger sisters) some giant chocolate bars she said for every puff I take she's deducting a bar. That crave went away real quick! I love my chocolate! I popped in a gum did a little breathing and self talk and now I'm fine.  She also told me "see how that frog is looking he's going to be mad if you smoke" she always have been creative and I love that about her. She understand how badly I want to stay quit and have seen the hurt in my heart when I'd relapse so along with your guys she's carrying me through this journey!