Day 8

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Apr 13, 2017

Good morning! On to day 8! My mornings have been pretty tough as far as thoughts, ok well my DAYS have been pretty tough lol but isn't it wonderful that we don't have to act on those thoughts? That old nasty nag I'll be glad when it go away. I've been working on reading easy way (I never finished the book) though he doesn't suggest using NRT I feel it helped me in my previous quit. I didn't follow the instructions exactly because I didn't smoke as much as the gum called for 9 pieces a day for the first 6 weeks at 2mg I was told by another support site that one gum is equal to 2 cigs. I wasn't smoking 18 cigs a day so I knew that wasn't necessary for me. Now during my relapse I found myself smoking more so I guess I'll have to follow the instructions this time. My throat hurts I'm not sure if it's allergies or the tingle from the gum and lozenges so today I'm going to have to delay my NRT usage. Everytime I get close to breaking down I ask myself why do I feel that way? I know I can talk myself out of it. What will it do for me? The torture of the nag will never go away if I feed it every time it comes. I know it'll pass I just KNOW it'll get easier if I just stick it out! Have a great Thursday!