Focusing on the feeling

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Apr 12, 2017

Good morning my ex family! I'm late posting because... well you happy to be here now working on day 7 of freedom! I made it past the hard days 4 and 5 but last night and this morning has been a real challenge. I had wanted to reach out but I just knew my post would be in the back pages in no time so I texted my mom she reminded me of my bubbles, cinnamon sticks, gum, binky and a house that's impossible to stay spotless with 3 young kids I have plenty of things to help me get through this. Nico been nagging since last night with no real trigger it's like a hang nail I don't know where it come from but it's annoying HOWEVER being annoyed won't kill me smoking will so here I am over my hurdle without having to type the "woe to me" relapse post. I thank you guys for literally carrying me through the hard days without knowing just being who you are is helping me through. Talking to Ellen on and off yesterday helped me although we weren't talking about smoking or quitting just being there keeping me busy helped me through tremendously! I definitely don't want Nancy to have to use that mallet  (was that a mallet) I know if I give in now I have a few people here that's going to cyber slap me silly lol thats why I'm holding on so tight and let's not forget my promise! So even if I have to feel the feelings for a while I know from experience they won't last forever! Feeling the warmth of another successful day is so very worth sticking it out! Have a great hump day!