Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Apr 6, 2017

I didn't exactly know what to title this blog because there's a wealth of things I want to document and more so remember so here goes...

First and foremost GOOD MORNING my friends and ex family! 

Today is another day 1 (I know I could just punch myself too) I think it's time I need a hit in the head! So let's see what went wrong yesterday..1 I didn't blog and wasn't as close as I was at this point I can't allow any space between us

Second LOOSE CHANGE yes I know it sound bogus as I type this but that's what set off the light bulb I found a quarter and the gas station up the street sale them single for 50 cent.Though it was just one, I'm more than willing to suffer the consequences of another day 1 because that's the only way I'll learn from it and not look back. I will not come here and lie and say im not ready to quit and give myself an excuse to keep messing up NO! I am ready! I've read the suggested readings and this is not my first rodeo. My commitment is not as strong as it should be I recognized that when something as simple as a quarter made me throw away so many days of hardwork. I'm going to the store today and buying more gum and it's not cheap but I feel having to pay out of pocket for it will help me stay committed. It'll make me use it as I should! I have the aid and support now it's up to me to do the work! So here's to day WON!