The waiting game

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Mar 22, 2017

Dont you just hate the waiting game lol maybe its just my lack of patience. I really want to get back in school and back in the workforce doing something I enjoy! Classes start in April which is just perfect for my impatience BUT im afraid I won't be registered and paid for in time. The course that im taking isnt financial aid eligible but there are local assistance offered. Thing is, no one ever knew about them or had anyone come and inquire so its just as new to them as it is to me now I have to wait for them to find out more about it while wondering if im even eligible. I meet the requirements but what if there's something I dont have. What if my income exceeds the limit what if, what if, what if, while I wait! I tried calling them but the lady was with a client. I hate the whole we'll call you deal because often times they never call!! Well thanks for letting me rant while I wait have a great day!