Good morning day 2!

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Mar 21, 2017

 Ended day one...WON! Now for day 2! I didn't need NRT afterall just lots of nice cold water through a straw and im fine. I had a few minor craves here and there or "I would light up in this moment" type memories. I'd like to call them routine craves. They were quickly countered by "boy im glad I dont do that anymore" and "I'll fix myself a nice cold lemonade,tea, or water and by the time I finished the thought would be gone. Easy peasy for now anyway! I lit a bbq grill yesterday for the first time ever and its definitely not as bad as I imagined I made the kids and I supper on there while they played outside I loved the atmosphere im thinking of doing it again today! Well that's all I have for now! Have a EXcellent day!