Waiting for the hammer to drop...

Blog Post created by Mavihoja on Jun 9, 2019

It just can't be this easy!  I made it 180 days about 2 years ago, then folded.  Been thinking about quitting again for all of that time.  Ouch.  Allen Carr's Book " The Easy Way Boot Camp"  really put the icing on the cake this time.  I would listen to the rendition of his current release over and over and over again, until I finally got the message that all I had to do was go 24 hours without smoking a cigarette.  I made it but was vaping for NRT.  But, I got off the cigarettes totally for 180 days.  It's taken me 2 years,actually 2 1/2 year of wasted smoking time to jump back on the horse.

This time is clearly different.  I am 24 hours a day aware of the danger of even ONE PUFF.  I can't even stand the smell of smoke.  I do believe that a healthy fear of this powerful (but NOT ALL powerful) addiction is what is working these days.  I know 24 days is a drop in the bucket, but I also am wise enough to know that you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. (Not that I would even consider taking a bite out of elephant!

So, I found a post from a few years ago that has really helped me through some relatively light rough spots during these past 24 days of smobriety.  I thought it helpful to share it..if it helps even ONE person, it's worth  the electrons:)





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